Knife Edge Gate Valves

V-TORK General Knife Gate Valves are specially designed and manufactured according to MSS SP/Customized to meet the worst working conditions in Pulp & Paper, Mining & Steel, Power & Chemical Industries, Water Treatment Industries to handle Semi-Solids, Abrasive Slurries, Dry-Ash, Chips, Fiber contents Pulps etc. The compact design of the valves facilitates light weight, minimum space for installing, easy operation and maintenance. The compact Knife Edged gate is manufactured from Stainless Steel Plates of various grades irrespective of Body material. The bottom of the Gate is having Knife type edge which can cut through Semi-Solid or Paste type Pulp with possible fiber and solid contents, Fly ash, Chemicals with solid contents and ensure smooth shutdown operation and tight shut-off. The Knife gate valves are available in wide range of material. Trim options are available to suit individual requirements for various working.


V-TORK slurry Knife Gate valves are designed for heavy duty purposes to isolate flow, even in the most demanding process conditions. The complete valve is built around an ease of maintenance concept which contains Purge port, Replaceable Retainer ring, Dual Elastomer Seals for long operational period. These Soft Seated Knife Gate Valve features a unique design that provides bubble-tight shutoff in either direction. The valve is designed for isolation and on/off applications in the paper, chemical, mining, power and waste water industries. It is designed to handle clean, dirt, viscous and corrosive Liquids, sludge, fibrous slurries, clean and corrosive gases.


V-TORK AWWA/water Knife Gate valve standard describes Bonneted / Bonnetless and one piece/two piece construction which is made of stainless steel /cast iron /ductile iron body with resilient or metal seated knife gate valves. Theses AWWA valves are especially used in water, wastewater, and sludge water systems. V-TORK Valves are specially manufactured by AWWA standard to suit critical water applications.


Water and Sewerage treatment Plant

V-TORK AWWA valves are used to control the flow of raw sewage and able to handle the corrosive attack of chemicals, and the valve openings are full throat to pass the maximum flow without any hindrance in the flow line. These valves are specially designed to withstand the abrasive attack from the sewage.


Waste Activated Sludge


Lime Addiction

Suction & Sludge Discharge

Diversion lines

Paper & Pulp Industry

Pulp & Paper mills have long had a need for reliable flow control products that could handle thick pulp stock and corrosive liquors with little or no maintenance or downtime. By designing valves with a full-port opening, abrasion-resistant wear surfaces, and reliable operating mechanisms. V-TORK helps to ensure maximum productivity.


Metal and Mineral Industries

V-TORK have special products for the mining industry. V-TORK Valve designed products to meet the demanding needs of metal & mining. Our products are user friendly and 100% parts interchangeability to minimize the down time.

Power Industry

Cement Industry

Chemical and Fertilizers Industry

Sugar and Starch Industry

Oil And Gas Industry