Foot Valves

Normex Ball Type Foot Valve

A foot valve is a type of Valve that is typically installed at a pump or at the bottom of a pipe line.  A foot valve is an important device which helps contain the reverse flow of water back into the sump.

Foot valves can be found in ponds, pools and almost anywhere there is a pump. These special valves allow the pump to stay primed, letting liquid to flow in, but keeping it from flowing back out.

Pump Priming is a time consuming & tedious job. If the “on-off frequency” is more, the trouble rises multifolds. A heavily leaking foot valve can also give rise to start up trouble to pump as suction line never gets filled completely. A leaking foot valve can cause not only time wastage but also delay in process industry where water is required at particular instant. In typical case of Fire fighting application, if foot valve leaks, and pump does not start it can cause damage to property as well as life. Even in application in irrigation / agriculture sector, where electricity is available for limited time & intermittent (in rural India) priming pump every time/any time of day & night is a loss to pumping time.

Normex Ball Type Foot valves (along with Ball Check & Butterfly valves) are regularly & exclusively recommended by many consultants for many years. Plumbing, Fire, HVAC, Irrigation contractors are also convinced by the reliability of these valves all leading to customer satisfaction.

Makes Available

Kirloskar Foot Valve

  1. Normex Ball Type Foot Valve  
  2. Kirloskar Foot Valve
  3. Hammer Foot Valve

Material of Construction

  1. Cast Iron
  2. Gun Metal
  3. Brass 
  4. PVC

End Connections

  1. Flanged
  2. Screwed